Google Algorithm Updates: History and Impact

Google Algorithm Updates: History and Impact, Safe PBN
Google Algorithm Updates: History and Impact, Safe PBN

Feb. 10

During this update, Google started considering passages as additional ranking factors. At this point, it’s going to impact around 7% of the content in all languages.

Usually, the algorithm evaluates the whole page for its relevance to the search query. However, the internet is filled with long-form comprehensive content.

When the page is long, it often happens that some section(s) of the text does actually answer the user’s question, while the rest revolves around completely different aspects of the matter.
Such pages are technically relevant to the user’s search request, but is scrolling down for a while just to find one passage worth it? It’s like looking for one small note in a huge pile of documents.

That’s what this Google Algorithm Update tries to get rid of. Here’s how Danny Sullivan puts it:

« With our new technology, we’ll be able to better identify and understand key passages on a web page. This will help us surface content that might otherwise not be seen as relevant when considering a page only as a whole ».

Author: James Roche