Link Building for Affiliate Sites In 2022

Link Building for Affiliate Sites In 2022, Safe PBN
Link Building for Affiliate Sites In 2022, Safe PBN

The best strategy is one that gets you the best links. And the best links are those coming from relevant, authoritative blogs in the blogger’s industry.

For affiliate sites, the best links are from other affiliate sites and also overall from the sites in the industry, even if they don’t monetize with affiliate links. Here’s how to get those coveted backlinks.

The tactic is guest blogging and link exchanges. Google would say it’s against their guidelines, but it’s commonly used, works well, and they can’t detect it as it looks very much like organic link acquisition.

Fifth, once people have added their links, it’s time to submit your article and wait for it to get published. Once the guest post is published, let the participant know they’ve got their live links.

Finally, for each link that you gave, ask for a link back either from their site or from their next guest post.
Links from their site might be better because you can pick the page for relevance and authority and dictate the anchor text.

And that’s how you start. And you repeat the process with subsequent guest posts, and you can scale it by hiring a freelance writer to write those guest posts for you.

This tactic gives you the best links for your affiliate blog, but an added benefit is that you get to build fruitful business relationships with a host of other bloggers in your niche.

Author: James Roche