Tips to Measure and Improve Your SEO Performance

  • Have too many links with similar anchor text

Search engines like to see that incoming links are diverse. If your website is all about « how to make a fortune in real estate, » and you have links from all your closest friends using the anchor text « how to make a fortune in real estate, » Google is likely to interpret this as manipulation and not natural SEO.

  • Use too many keywords in anchor text

If you’ve written a piece of content around your keyword (« the best ways to make money online »), then it’s not wrong for your anchor text to reflect that actual content (e.g., « best ways »).

However, suppose you’ve written something around another topic that happens to be relevant (« making money online » would be an example). In that case, you’re fine using that phrase as an anchor text for that page (« what are the best ways of making money online? »). The key here is relevance between keyword and page content.

  • Use too many domains for backlinking

A typical SEO mistake is using too many domains for linking back to their site. Google is well aware that you have multiple properties, and it’s not wrong to link from one property (such as a Facebook page) to another (such as your blog). But if you link too many domains, then Google may see this as spammy behavior. So if you have multiple properties, maybe use one domain per property rather than several domains from the same property.

When establishing internal and external links on your website, taking note of these do’s, and don’t can help you avoid search engine ranking penalties and get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Author: James Roche