5 Ways A Marketing Agency Can Use Serpstat

5 Ways A Marketing Agency Can Use Serpstat, Safe PBN
5 Ways A Marketing Agency Can Use Serpstat, Safe PBN

We have already compiled a list of potential clients. The next step is to prepare a high-quality proposal to convince the client that your services will help them achieve the best results.

Preparing an effective proposal usually takes quite some time, and also a specialist who will analyze all the data on the website, and highlight key aspects that require optimization.

That’s where Serpstat can also be helpful! Let’s see how you could automate this process.

With the Serpstat generator of SEO reports, you can prepare a proposal for a potential client much faster.

The tool will allow you to get:

  • One-click reporting on 20+ metrics, dozens of widgets, and graphs;
  • Customized templates for pre-sale and client reports;
  • White Label and branding of the report.

You find more information on the « Serpstat generator of SEO reports for agencies » page. Now, let’s move forward.

To get a comprehensive report on a website’s SEO metrics, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses go to the « Custom reports » tab. Enter the domain in the search bar or select a website from your existing projects.

Author: James Roche