How to automate content creation with an Artificial intelligence

First, you need to know more about the topic. In this case, type a keyword in the search bar and select a search region to learn roughly what your subject is about, as well as related keywords, their popularity, and their demand. To select effective keywords for a specific topic, go to the Keyword selection postponement. Here you will find the list of generated variations of keywords that might interest your audience.

The report represents the semantically related keywords to the analyzed theme by which competitors rank in the top-100 Google. That information will allow us to investigate similar keywords and develop new ideas for future articles. For example, the topic is « guitar playing ». Using the report, you’ll see that users searching for the guitar tab for beginners, the easiest tabs, popular songs, and lessons, except specific « playing the guitar ».

Take a mention of the Volume and Keyword difficulty in the report. Keyword volume means the level of keyword popularity and frequency, and keyword difficulty shows the level of competition for a keyword to advance in organic search to the top-10.

Author: James Roche