Ukrainian IT: Top SaaS Tools For Business

Ukrainian IT: Top SaaS Tools For Business, Safe PBN
Ukrainian IT: Top SaaS Tools For Business, Safe PBN

Post – POS-system to simplify the restaurant business: online cash register, warehouse, finance, analytics, and CRM.

SmartTouch POS – a business management system. Automation of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

ABM Retail — an inventory management system that helps maintain a balance between the availability of the necessary goods and minimum stocks.

ABM Cloud — a system for optimizing and supporting the supply process.

EasyMS PMS — a cloud system for hotel management.

ForRestPOS — a solution for trade management and warehousing.

HugeProfit — SaaS for small businesses that simplifies the accounting procedures: finance, goods, sales, and deliveries.

Planner Office — SaaS service for managing construction and engineering projects.

ANT-Logistics — a transport management platform for business.

Competa — a service for realtors that helps establish and maintain adequate real estate prices.

Octobus — a service for bus transportation management.

POS Jam — an automation program for coffee houses, shops, or chain stores.

SkyService — an automation service for shops, cafes, delivery services, restaurants, warehouses, productions, or other services. — the largest platform for public and commercial bidding.

Eqman — a platform for accounting of inventory, tools, equipment, and consumables.

Author: James Roche