Local Awareness: SEO Methods To Increase Local Involvement

Local Awareness: SEO Methods To Increase Local Involvement, Safe PBN
Local Awareness: SEO Methods To Increase Local Involvement, Safe PBN

And what about user intent?

When optimizing your content with local keywords, it’s important that you research them the right way. A good way to start is by brainstorming and then listing all the different services you offer. For example, a dentist might offer teeth cleaning services, emergency dentist services, root canal services, and more.

If you’re not sure about all the services you offer, or which a customer might inquire about, consult your team and existing customers. Then, once you’ve got your terms, check out any synonyms that might be useful, and which your customers might be using when they type your business into Google. For instance, « teeth cleaning » and « teeth whitening » might mean the same thing but it’s important to use both.

Next, you’ll need to use a keyword research tool to pull up search volume data.

Search volume data lets you know how many people are searching for each local keyword each month on average. Why we don’t recommend that you put too much stock into search volume, it’s still worth checking out because it shows you which keywords to focus on, which ones to compete for – and which ones to perhaps leave aside for now. In essence, search volume lets you know which keywords (and content) you should be prioritizing.

Advanced solutions such as Serpstat allow you to streamline all these different processes within one tool, simply switching between the available options. From keyword research to domain, rank, and competitor analysis, all the way to analyzing backlinks and contextual advertising, it’s handy to have all the necessary tools in one place. Crunching these into customized reports is icing on the cake, making SEO easier not only for the work phase but easily digestible for your supervisors as well.

Author: James Roche