7 Tips For Creating Content That Converts

7 Tips For Creating Content That Converts, Safe PBN
7 Tips For Creating Content That Converts, Safe PBN

Just like with a landing page, every piece of content that goes public on your website — or any other digital platform, for that matter — should have a value proposition that’s well-communicated.

You have to get it right so that your customers find your offer attractive enough to go through with the purchase. If you fail to demonstrate how choosing your product or service over your competitor’s will benefit your customers, they’ll be quick to dismiss your company even if your offer is objectively the best on the market.

To ensure that your customers are convinced in your business being the better option, make your copy as clear as possible. That is, don’t stuff your content with lengthy paragraphs that will go unread, and steer clear from using fonts and font sizes that make you look amateur.

We can assure you that using complicated phrases, jargon that’s overly niche, and overexplaining simple concepts whose short definition your customers can Google will ruin their perception of your brand.

Fine-tuning your content also means making it relevant to your segmented audience. Whether it’s millennials who stay on a tight food budget or teenagers consuming junk food, keep them in mind when designing your content strategy.

It pays to press on your prospects’ pain points to persuade them to act quickly. Also referred to as an urgent creation tactic, this FOMO-inducing approach helps your leads gauge that if they aren’t fast enough, they can miss out on a good deal.

Author: James Roche