Top eCommerce Lead Generation Strategies

Top eCommerce Lead Generation Strategies, Safe PBN
Top eCommerce Lead Generation Strategies, Safe PBN

In eCommerce, generating leads isn’t much easier than selling products. What can you offer to your prospects to make them share their contact information with you?

You need a lead magnet – a valuable asset that you can give away in exchange for visitor’s contact details.

In business, the key to successful relationships between sides is a win-win approach. Both sides, i.e. your brand and your customers, should be able to benefit from every interaction. And when we talk about encouraging consumers to leave their email addresses on your site, a win-win situation is only possible when there’s a real worth behind the lead magnet.

Further, up to 57% of users submit fake or disposable email addresses, imposing another challenge for your future campaigns. It means that 57% of your future emails will bounce back and never reach your leads’ inboxes.

Say, you’ve managed to identify an incentive for people to give away their private information. How do you make sure they won’t use fake data?

The problem is partially solved by delivering a lead magnet by email instead of granting access to it immediately after a lead capture form is filled out.

All things considered, lead generation for eCommerce isn’t an easy task. The good news is that with the ideas below, you’ll save your time and build a successful lead generation process without costly trial and error.

Author: James Roche