What is Off-page SEO? A Complete Guide

What is Off-page SEO? A Complete Guide, Safe PBN
What is Off-page SEO? A Complete Guide, Safe PBN

Topical relevance between the linking domain and your site is also an essential factor to consider.

Imagine you run a site that sells weight loss training courses. In this instance, having a link from a fitness blog will carry more weight than a link from a Crypto Currency blog. So try to acquire links from as many topically relevant sites as possible.

Not only those links can help you rank high on Google, but they can also send some referral traffic your way. And if the link is from a topically relevant site that shares the same audience as your business, you’d end up receiving visits from people that may be interested in purchasing your products or services.

However, you can’t control relevance at all times. So it’s okay if your links come from off-topic sites. In most cases, it’s natural to have a few links from unrelated sites. But if you’re reaching out to acquire links, ensure those sites are topically relevant to your site.

Know that relevance is not always measured at the domain level. Sometimes, you’d need to measure it at a page or category level. For example, news sites virtually cover every topic under the sun. So it’s important that your links from news sites come from relevant category pages (i.e., pages that are topically related to your business)

Author: James Roche