The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO: How to Optimize Commercial Websites and Drive More Traffic

E-commerce SEO tactics differ from those for content-based websites (blog, media and news outlets, etc.).

Content-based websites are designed to drive traffic from informational queries, and make money from advertising, selling links, sponsored articles, reviews, and affiliate programs.

On the other hand, the main purpose of e-commerce websites is the interaction with the customer and further converting it into a sale. Therefore, Ecommerce websites focus on commercial traffic:

1. Driving traffic from commercial queries, such as « buy a phone », « buy dr martens », « buy an SEO service subscription », etc.

Getting to the top of search results for these keywords is often complicated by high competition, and the presence of aggregator websites and large marketplaces, as it’s extremely hard (and often impossible) to outperform them.

2. Conversion of informational traffic into commercial traffic, for example, if an online store has a blog or a cloud service.

Author: James Roche