The Power of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

The Power of Content Marketing for Small Businesses, Safe PBN
The Power of Content Marketing for Small Businesses, Safe PBN

As a small business, it’s possible that a large portion of your custom may come from your local community. This is certainly going to be the case if you have a brick-and-mortar store, as opposed to an online one. This means that building your reputation locally will be key to your success. 

In order to grow local awareness of your brand, you’ll want to demonstrate that you’re invested in the community. One way to do this is to create local content on your website. 

As well as being a valuable resource for your customers or clients, this content can also help to boost your website up the local search results. This is because you’ll naturally be using keywords within your content that have local relevance.

For example, if you’re a coffee shop in Brooklyn and you decide to start making local content for your website, then you’ll probably be making references to Brooklyn, the surrounding areas, and also to other businesses and events nearby. This helps Google to understand your local connection to the geographical area that you operate within. 

So, how can you create amazing local content?

Spend some time figuring out who your customers or clients are and what they’re interested in-more on this below. You can then tailor your content strategy to make sure you’re writing on the topics that local people truly want to read about. Stories about your customers, the other businesses on your street, interesting events that are happening in the area soon, or your take on local news stories are all brilliant options. 

Try not to be too self-promotional with your writing. Sure, it’s okay to mention at the end of a blog post that you’ve got a special offer on at the moment, but the point of the piece should be to share information about someone or something else. 

Embracing this aspect of content marketing will help to grow your reputation, demonstrate that you’re an active member of your community, and organically assist your local SEO efforts. 

Author: James Roche