SEO Guide For New Ecommerce Websites

SEO Guide For New Ecommerce Websites, Safe PBN
SEO Guide For New Ecommerce Websites, Safe PBN

Today almost 80% of all purchases are made via mobile devices. On top of that, Google has been using mobile-first indexing meaning that mobile versions of websites are given a priority. Therefore, for an Ecommerce site, looking good on a mobile device is a must.

To optimize your website for mobile, make navigation super simple and straightforward. Make sure your Ecommerce website has the following:

  • Search engine
  • Product comparison tool
  • Product catalog

Another good practice is to choose several most important categories for the header and hide secondary elements under a hamburger menu.

Be careful with JavaScript.
Avoid using JavaScript for your entire website. It doesn’t look good on most mobile devices due to complexity. Furthermore, search engines often struggle to index pages made with JavaScript which may affect rankings.

Aim for simple looks. Mobile devices are small, so you have to choose carefully what you want to emphasize. Usually, it’s content that brings the most value, so invest in creating quality, well-formatted and structured pieces of information. Focus on:

  • High-resolution images
  • Customer testimonials
  • Clickable visuals
  • Autocomplete function in the search bar

Cut distracting elements. Since mobile devices are limited in screen space, use flash designs and pop-ups carefully (or avoid them together). Make sure the following elements do not interfere with the buyer’s journey:

  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Recommended items
  • Live chat invitations

All these are valuable tools to help undecisive customers make their mind, but use them sparingly. Also, make sure your calls to actions are properly sized and located before the fold.

Implementation support.
Mobile device users are required to get fast solutions, so don’t reserve your communication channels to a « Contact us » page. Instead, integrate social media icons and consider using live chat. This will help against bounces, and Google favors websites that grab visitors’ attention for long. To avoid slowing down your website with external scripts, choose a lightweight option from a broad choice of live chat vendors on the market.

Author: James Roche