SEO and PPC for cryptocurrency platforms

SEO and PPC for cryptocurrency platforms, Safe PBN
SEO and PPC for cryptocurrency platforms, Safe PBN

A lot of search engines are closely monitoring crypto-currency and NFT sites as part of the Your Money Your Life (YMYL) program. A ban on advertising wallets, exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018 has been partially lifted for certified companies in the US and Japan. By 2021, companies in the cryptosphere were advancing alone through organic growth, sometimes using media advertising.

Currently, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets targeting the United States are actively promoting their products and services. Google displays ads on search, YouTube, and other resources if the company is certified by the Financial Crimes Agency (FinCEN). Also, it’s critical to follow all Google’s policies designed specifically to promote financial products. Advertising for ICOs and DeFi (decentralized funding) is still banned today.

Google ads are allowed for businesses not related to the purchase, storage, or exchange of cryptocurrencies (businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments, selling mining equipment, providing consulting services, offering cyber security, teaching trading and investing). In Canada, it is legal to advertise cryptocurrency exchanges, and in the United States, Japan, and Israel, it is legal to advertise wallets and exchanges.

Author: James Roche