Personalization in Guest Blogging – From Prospecting to Publishing

Personalization in Guest Blogging – From Prospecting to Publishing, Safe PBN
Personalization in Guest Blogging – From Prospecting to Publishing, Safe PBN

Following all the steps above will ultimately help your final pitch be much more effective. Goal, personalizing and automating your outreach sequence is equally important for the success of your guest blogging strategy.

We have already explored how sharing your top topic ideas is the best way to contact a prospect. You can also use links to your blog or website and showcase your best content. This way you can ensure that the prospect gets an overall idea of your expertise and understand what your website is all about.

At the same time, you should treat the personalization of your pitch as a series of specific stepss. First of all, you can use some of the best cold email templates. This is a smart way to craft your own pitch from scratch, depending on the decision-makers you are about to contact and their website.

Let’s start with the subject line. It is crucial for your subject line to be short, urgent, and personalized. You need your email’s subject to explain exactly what your pitch is all about, but also help the prospect understand that this isn’t a spammy email and thus a waste of time. The same is true for follow-up emails to prospects that didn’t respond after your initial contact.

Your subject line could look something like this: Hey (John), it’s (Mark) from (your website) | Link Building and Content Creation for (their website).

Ok, now you’re done with the subject line, and it’s time to start crafting a personalized email. In this stage, you can think of all the data you’ve gathered during your initial relationship with this prospect on social media and use them. For example, if you’ve had interesting discussions with this person for a while on LinkedIn, make sure to mention it.

Here are a few tips on how to personalize cold emails:

Author: James Roche