How to Write Engaging Content: 8 Actionable Tips

How to Write Engaging Content: 8 Actionable Tips, Safe PBN
How to Write Engaging Content: 8 Actionable Tips, Safe PBN

See, a blog is an important tool to connect with your audience. It’s the most effective way to tell your audience that you understand their problems.

However, if you come across as those boring professors back in college, nobody is going to read your blog post.

You need to make your writing gleam in the eyes of your readers.

Instead of readers seeing you as the white-collar guy sitting in his office, make them see you as a friend in his casual faded jeans. A person they can crack jokes with to make the conversation lively.

Well, how do you engage readers in writing?

Write for one person. Assume you are writing to your friend sitting next to you on the couch. Don’t get trapped in « what others think ». As you converse with your friend, do you ever think of what others will say?

Of course not! You are very confident about your opinions. In the same case, an engaging writing style is all about you and your reader. Not a group of readers.

Therefore, begin by addressing your reader as « you ». Not « them » or « him/her ».

Then make your blog content engaging by getting rid of the passive voice. Passive voice is just… boring.

Author: James Roche