How to use Serpstat for aggregator website?

How to use Serpstat for aggregator website?, Safe PBN
How to use Serpstat for aggregator website?, Safe PBN

Owners of companies that provide specific services can receive a significant share of traffic from specialized aggregators that distributes discount coupons. Businesses can use such sites for effective advertising. Partnerships like these are beneficial even with promotional prices.

In addition to providing a convenient sales channel, partner aggregators act as a guarantee for both parties. By housing in Kiwi, the airline company can sell more tickets and minimize cancellations and returns. To protect themselves from significant losses, hotel owners work with Booking and small hostels with Airbnb.

The site-aggregators, consisting of C2C content, like review providers or social network platforms, usually use UGC (user-generated content). Since this is the bulk of the semantics of such aggregators, parsing and processing posts from there should take extra care.

The same UGC content in the form of reviews helps to grow and develop certain types of aggregators – sites that specialize in reviews, such as Trustpilot or Tripadvisor.

It is also relevant to mention aggregator sites for private services, such as car sales, real estate, freelance, and tutoring (Preply).

Aggregators cover a wide range of topics. New ideas and trends contribute to the growth of the field in proportion to how well they solve problems and meet the needs of users.

Author: James Roche