How to Get High Quality Backlinks for a Completely New Site for Free

Online interviews have become increasingly popular in recent years. And they provide a simple approach to gaining backlinks. It takes patience to establish yourself as an accomplished figure in your business or sector, but once you do, you’ll likely receive a slew of interview prompts. Until then, you’ll have to start locating interview chances.

Be informed of the blogs and websites that host online interviews, blogs, and vlogs. It need not be exclusive to your industry. You must also consider limiting the selection to those opportunities that cover a wide range of themes. You’ll be spending your time attempting to secure an interview on a website that has little to do with your sector, and the backlink won’t help your SERP ranking significantly.

Another alternative is to let the local web newspapers know that you have launched your business recently. Ask if they would be interested in writing a story about local businesses. Next, volunteer to be one of the interviewees in their show. Regardless of the approach you choose, you’ll almost certainly gain a few backlinks over time.

Author: James Roche