How to Develop a Website for a Great SEO Experience

How to Develop a Website for a Great SEO Experience, Safe PBN
How to Develop a Website for a Great SEO Experience, Safe PBN

Edge computing is a way for companies to process the data close to where it will be used — rather than storing it on cloud servers in remote locations. It means better performance, reduced latency, and faster network speeds. It can also make operations easier by making data more accessible without requiring complex network connections or complicated security protocols.

Edge computing is the next step in the evolution of search engine optimization. We can analyze the SERP results and determine the best course of action for each unique user with edge computing. You also cut the time to load the page in full by a significant amount.

With edge SEO, we’ll be able to look at your site’s traffic and see where your users are coming from — and then customize their experience accordingly. For example, you can personalize the experience for location. That is extremely helpful for companies that are building their SEO in different markets and need to adapt the content and language to serve the best audience. That way, you can ensure that users get relevant information no matter the location.

Another great feature of this solution is link rewrites (instead of redirects); for example, you can have a blog under a subdomain from a technical POV but for people (and google). That allows sharing the SEO value of your blog and domain if kept separate.

Edge also allows you to use a dynamic schema that is easier to set up and enables you to make updates faster.

Author: James Roche