How to Create a Product-Led SEO Strategy for SaaS in the Transportation and Logistics

Setting goals for Autobiography, we get used to the well-known SMART model with some adaptation to the producer’s features and its current stage of development. The principles of the goals, according to the SMART model, are:

S (specific) — the specificity of the goal. The narrower a goal is, the clearer its steps will be.

M (measurable— – If no actual metrics indicate the strategy’s success, then the goal is set incorrectly.

A (achievable— – This aspect of goal setting should neutralize the unrealistic expectations that often accompany SEO.

R (relevant) – The goal should be necessary for a particular direction and the company.

T (time-bound— – limited in time.

For example, reaching the top 3 in a month is an unattainable, immeasurable, irrelevant goal. It needs to be clarified what keywords we will get at the top and whether these queries will lead target users to the product.

Author: James Roche