How To Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads

How To Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads, Safe PBN
How To Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads, Safe PBN

Installing a live chat is an effective but underutilized strategy to turn website visitors into leads.

Offering real-time support, live chat helps engage visitors, resolve any query they may have about your product/service, and thus, guide them down the funnel. Besides, research suggests that a live chat feature can increase website conversions by 20%.

Now, whether you use a chatbot or get your sales team or a live chat agent to reply, the key is to tailor responses based on each user’s context and the stage they’re at.

For instance, the greetings or questions displayed to users reading an informational blog (awareness stage) should ideally be different from those shown to someone on your pricing page (consideration stage).

You can understand a user’s context through their on-site behavior—the pages they’re visiting, their session duration, the content they’re reading, and whether they’re a returning visitor.

Then, personalize your messages to incite a response from them and improve their experience at your website.

This is how OptinMonster does this – they tracked visits, understood the visitor was a repeating one, and used that to build a connection with them.

Author: James Roche