Google and SEO: a Love-Hate Relationship

Google and SEO: a Love-Hate Relationship, Safe PBN
Google and SEO: a Love-Hate Relationship, Safe PBN

Get ready to do massive work related to building backlink volume on third-party web resources. Not so long ago, it was enough to buy many links and specialized exchanges for off-page optimization. The more links, the more weight the page had in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Today, ranking algorithms have learned to evaluate links’ quality, volume, and speed of growth. Many argue that external links are no longer as important for promotion as they used to be. So it makes sense to pay more attention to on-page optimization, but it is not worth abandoning off-page work.

No matter what people argue, links to your resource affect ranking. Therefore, for off-page optimization, you should use only those methods that do not contradict the requirements of search engines:

  • Regular improvement of the project by placing interesting materials on third-party resources linked to the promoted site.
  •  Registration in online directories.
  • Activity in social networks, blogs, and forums.

Author: James Roche