E-Commerce Website Redesign: Ultimate SEO Checklist

E-Commerce Website Redesign: Ultimate SEO Checklist, Safe PBN
E-Commerce Website Redesign: Ultimate SEO Checklist, Safe PBN

Before moving to a new eCommerce platform, it is essential to look at the data on your legacy platform to decide what needs to be moved and what can stay where it is. You should also download a backup of the data you already have if the migration doesn’t go smoothly. Decide which third-party apps you want to keep and which you want to get rid of, since some may be outdoors.

You can move your data in one of three ways: by hand, with a migration app, or with the help of an outside team.

When moving data from your old platform to your new one, you should think about two main types of data: product data and customer/order data

  • Moving your product data manually is best since automated migrations can get complicated quickly when you have different product options, bundled packages, carts, and themes. When you move product data manually, you can be sure that the information is transferred correctly.
  • When it comes to customer data, on the other hand, an automated migration app is enough because address and order history data is usually the same everywhere.

You should keep an up-to-date copy of your product catalog on your old platform since there are « hard » references to products, categories, etc.

Author: James Roche