Content Strategy vs. SEO Strategy: How to Decide Which Comes First

Let’s move on to understanding why you should opt for a content marketing strategy before SEO. There are a few reasons to do so.

  • Rank your content without SEO:

Content is imperial for SEO: Even with good SEO, you need quality content as content is what holds your on-page SEO together. So you can start with content before you move on to your SEO strategy. Also, even though SEO needs content, you don’t need SEO for other campaigns, such as social media and PPC advertising. However, you need content for them as well.

  • It helps drive targeted traffic.

When you start with content marketing, you need to understand buyers’ journey, intent, and problems. It helps you create content that matches user intent rather than simply feeding keywords to search engine bots. Because in the end, you want customers and not search engines for your business.

  • You don’t get tossed off as soon as the algorithm changes.

There is nothing more worrying for SEO specialists than sudden search engine algorithm changes. It is because a single change can topple your SERP position within minutes. However, if your content is strong, you won’t be moved so quickly. Also, if you provide quality content, users will seek your website even if it ranks a bit low temporarily.

  • It enables you to discover topics before they are popular.

With SEO, you find keywords that are already popular and create content around it. This is a good strategy, but you have to face stiff competition as other sites are already ranking on them. However, with a good content marketing strategy, you can identify topics that your audience will like even if it doesn’t exist on the search engine before. It also increases your chances of ranking quickly on such less explored topics.

Author: James Roche