Bottom of the Funnel Content: How to Create Conversion Focused SEO Content

In an apparent SEO writing word, it’s easy to forget that the reader comes first. Just because you need to put a particular keyword doesn’t mean you must include it.

Never jeopardize your reader’s ability to be engaged, educated, and enlightened by your content to have keywords included multiple times in your content.

But does it mean there’s no better way to include keywords in your content? Not really.

Here’s how you use keywords naturally in your content.

The title tag

Your blog’s title, aka headline, is the first step both search engines use to understand the relevance of your content. Make sure to include your focus keyword in your headline.

Your introduction

Google uses your intro to get the overall picture of your content. From a reader’s perspective, the first 100-200 words of an article are often where you establish the context for what will be covered. Because most readers would only read on if the opening is strong, it makes sense that including a keyword in your opening paragraph can help with your SEO ranking.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are often overlooked but hey, hear from us. Although they have no impact on your rankings, they are a pitch that convinces readers to click on your content on SERP. Adding your keyword here helps readers filter through results and choose the piece that perfectly matches their needs.

Author: James Roche