Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Started and Succeed in 2022

You often hear the question: What niche should I pick?

It’s an ever-ongoing debate if you should pick an ultra-specific niche, or be general and broad and the truth is, you need to be able to do both simultaneously.

By going too specific in a niche, you risk picking a topic that just doesn’t have a sufficient audience to market to. And if that topic becomes trendy in a few months, then you’re left with nothing and forced to start over.

The world is constantly shifting and the online world is moving very fast. As an affiliate and entrepreneur, your best weapon to combat this is through the power of pivoting.

Instead of building a website around ‘small fish tank setups for kids below 12 years old’, you could create a general pet brand that has the subtopics of fish, dog, cat, food, grooming, etc.

If one area doesn’t work, pivot into another subtopic and so forth.

Another way is to create a personal brand, the brand of you. Naturally you won’t ever pigeonhole yourself into a niche, and you can pivot into a wide range of topics that you have skills and expertise in.

Either way, avoid going too niche or risk having to start all over again if it fails or the trends disappear.

Author: James Roche