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Google Author Understanding and Knowledge Domain Expert Perception

The author (Main Content Creator) and the Publisher (website) affect each other’s reputation. And Google can understand Author Vectors, Website…

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Serpstat App for Datorama: Quick Access to Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, and Backlinks

Cases, life hacks, researches, and useful articles Don’t you have time to follow the news? No worries!Our editor Stacy will…

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Polish Digital Market Research: How Everything Works Here?

CEO of DevaGroup, a Google Premier and Google Rising Star partner agency. Trainer in SEO, Google Ads & Analytics. Author…

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Tag canonique: comment vous protéger du contenu dupliqué

La balise canonique-également appelée Attribut de lien canonique-est un outil permettant de regrouper plusieurs contenus identiques. C’est un moyen d’éviter…

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What Is E-A-T and Why It’s Important For SEO

Authoritativeness means primarily « reputation ». With this perspective in mind, the Quality Raters should consider the entire website and the particular…

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How to Boost On-Page SEO Like a Pro

When creating content for your website or blog post, a competing headline makes it easier to reach your target audience….

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So You Think You’re an SEO guru? [Quiz] + Serpstat Summer Sale

Look who’s here! An actual SEO guru! Congratulations! Seems like the SEO basics are a walk in the part to…

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Everything you Wanted to Know about Online Education Market: SEO Research and Expert View

In SEO, links are one of the most important factors. Along with content, they are considered ranking factors by Google….

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DịCh v back backlink uy tín, chtt LngNg t SEi SE-

-ACHETER le livre Backlink là gì? Backlink có lợi ích gì và ảnh hưởng như thế nào đến site web?…

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Paid Guest Posting for SEO: Guide 2022

No one should consider guest posting as a simple method that will help you get lots of links quickly and…