19 Pinterest SEO Tips For Your Blog

19 Pinterest SEO Tips For Your Blog, Safe PBN
19 Pinterest SEO Tips For Your Blog, Safe PBN

Bio descriptions of your pins with keywords included are as important as well-created display name, bio, and the boards.

It isn’t that hard. All you have to do is log into your Pinterest account and begin pinning things in the four directions. Launch deeper to use descriptions rich in SEO on the pins, videos, and boards, which have an impact on driving traffic to your profile.

Pinterest imposes a maximum of 100 characters per title, which grants lots of spaces to fill the keywords in. Keep the titles short and catchy while adding more details in the description.

Titles attract the readers in the same way the article headlines do. Overall, « How to » or « X Best » titles tend to increase impressions. If you have not managed to convey the necessary message in 100 characters, use the pin description to cater for the extra pieces of information.

The Pinterest audience mainly maintains satisfying and short descriptions. The first 50-60 characters may be seen in the feed. Thus, they need to be coherent. Maintain the first sentence within the 60 characters to let the readers know what you are attempting to state.

Author: James Roche